About Me

I am a Mohel certified by the Berit Mila Program of Reform Judaism and am a member of the National Organization of American Mohelim (NOAM).  I practice mostly in Western Massachusetts and southern Vermont, though occasionally in the Boston area, Rhode Island, and parts of New York.

I received certification as a Mohel by the Berit Mila Program of Reform Judaism in 2008. I regularly officiate for Reform and Conservative Families and will happily work with other denominations as well.

My goal as a Mohel is to provide a special service to the Jewish community. I hope to serve those who are sure what they want in a Berit Mila, as well as those who are less familiar with this ceremony and need my help to create a joyous and meaningful ceremony. It is my pleasure to customize the service to meet the needs of every family.

I am a Board Certified Pediatrician and have been practicing primary care pediatrics for more than 15 years.

I grew up in Westchester County New York. After Medical School and Residency I returned there and lived there for 11 years. In 2008 I moved, with my wife and three beautiful children, to Western Massachusetts where I continue to practice General Pediatrics. I am Medical Director for BMP-Quabbin Pediatrics located at Baystate Mary Lane Hospital in Ware, MA, where I also serve as the Chair of Pediatrics.

In the pages of this site I hope that you will find the information you need regarding all aspects of having a Berit Mila for your son. Also, you will find a Contact Me page which you should feel free to use to e-mail me regarding an upcoming Berit Mila, or even if you just have questions.